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Quality Hair Care That You Deserve

We offer top-notch hair care services, such as haircuts, extensions, braiding, and more.

Our Services 

At Anointed Hands of Glory Beauty in Windsor, Connecticut, we offer top-notch hair care services, such as:

  • Haircuts

  • Hair Extensions

  • Hair Braiding

  • Weave Extensions

  • Locs and Locs Hair Care

  • Custom Hair Wigs

  • Crochet Hairstyles

  • Relaxers

  • Blowouts

  • Two-Strand Twist

  • Children’s Hairstyles

  • Roller Sets

  • Updo Hairstyles

  • Faux Butterfly Locs

  • Hair Treatments

Maintaining Healthy Hair and Restoring and Repairing Hair  Losslo

Anointed Hands of Glory Natural Haircare

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